‘In order to be truthful, you must embrace your total being’ – Rumi

Concomitant Healing is a form of healing brought forward from Ancient Egypt to treat physical pain in the body which is caused from overuse, injury, degeneration or emotional issues. It is efficient in it’s quick and direct approach. 

Concomitant (which means ‘one follows the other’), heals points in a natural energetic flow in the body until all points are cleared. This allows an increase in the flow of energy through the body, as tension (emotional or physical) is released from the muscle structure. Each pathway is unique to the individual.

This healing modality requires the use of pressure being applied via the thumb, index, or forefinger, along with an associated healing colour. The healer has been trained, and is thus qualified and skilled at following the energetic patterns of blockages in the body. 

Concomitant can be used to treat conditions such as: back pain, period pain, headaches, migraines, arthritis, neck ache, knee problems, ankle issues, sprains, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, RSI.  




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