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“It should be that the spirit overrides the mind. Humans reverse this with the mind overriding the spirit. The outcome is emotional damage. Emotional healing will restore this damage…” – Kristian HahnemannHahnemann Healing is a powerful specialist form of emotional healing, brought forward from the knowledge and practice learned in Ancient Egypt.

It deals with the emotions behind illness. It addresses the underlying negative thoughts and feelings towards events that have happened in a person’s life which have later caused illness or which have prevented an individual from moving forward in life.

This modality has successfully assisted individuals with working through a plethora of emotional blockages, including:

    • Low self worth
    • Anxiety
    • Guilt
    • Grief
    • Fear
    • Anger
    • Exhaustion
    • Depression
    • Stress

By healing your blocked emotions, you then have the potential to lead a more fulfilled life with greater love,  happiness, and peace, and the freedom to become and express who you truly are.

Hahnemann Healing is named after (Dr Samuel) Kristian Hahnemann, who is best known as the founder of homoeopathic medicine and who specialised in emotional healing.

Hahnemann Healers are trained and certified annually and are required to undergo annual professional development.  They are highly skilled at dispersing energy through the body.

Treatment always begins with what is called a ‘Balance’ where the Healer places one finger at the base of the skull and one at the coccyx at the same time.  This is to clear away any blockages in the flow of energy through the spine.  This is done as the spine is the centre line for carrying energy through the body’s nervous system.

Hahnemann Healers can then watch the body as a form of energy, rather than a physical form, looking for and feeling, patterns of energy flow.  The healer is able to place healing into the body at a point which will flow to the area where the pain is stored and allow it to be released.

The Healer will direct energy to very specific parts of the body using light touch.  The points they touch are the very points leading to where the body has retained emotional hurt or pain.  The healing frees the body to release this pain, sometimes over a number of sessions as more and more layers are peeled away.

Hahnemann Healing is deep, gentle and uplifting.