Through all of my life experiences, which has encapsulated many highs and lows, a commitment to growth and healing has served as my salvation and understanding my purpose. Driven by a quest to understand how we can break through our own limitations to reach our true potential, I delved into a wholistic approach with yoga trainings including Bikram, Power Vinyasa, Five Elements & Anahata Yoga, and Yoga Spiritually; and studies in Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hahnemann Healing (emotional), Concomitant Healing (physical), and Mediumship. I believe that to be working in the capacity of a teacher and healer, the importance of committing to my own spiritual growth is essential. For as I become more of who I truly am, it supports me to remember the importance of sharing that light, inspiring courage in others do the same, so we can all live a life with more openness, honesty, presence, and love.





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