As Kahlil Gibran says, work is love made visible’, and so this became the inspiration and vision for ‘Unchoreographed’.

It is the expression of and vessel for my body of work, devoted to remembering our essence, our soul’s wisdom, purpose and love that we can all connect with. I use dance metaphorically, literally and figuratively to understand life as a dance, which quite often does not go to our own individual plan. Instead we are all part of a much bigger plan…the dance of life which helps us to remember who we are and to live from our soul’s highest purpose.

‘Unchoreographed’ draws upon the inspiration and experience of the language of the soul. Dance. Dance to awaken. Dance to meditate. Dance to find expression. Dance to create. Dance to connect. Dance to remember. Dance to surrender. Dance to heal. Dance to open. Dance to be raw. Dance to trust. Dance to express. Dance to be real. Dance to come home. Dance to live. Dance to love.

Meet the moment in your life when you can not not dance.

Awaken. Unchoreographed. Meet the moment…to journey through life.

the journey

Our purpose and essence becomes more transparent and open as we surrender our body by integrating dance into our life. As we move away from our conditioning, thoughts and intellect, we embrace the wisdom of our soul’s desire wholeheartedly. In turn, this allows us to:
  • honour our humanness, and the universality of the emotions (energy in motion), we experience
  • to be honest and real about the people and events that have come to shape us; in turn the legacy of those challenges no longer govern our being
  • instead, our challenges transform into gifts that have been given to us, as we realise that we have a choice to be responsible for our actions and reaction – to move forward mindfully and with awareness
  • to peel off the limitations of our masks, and relate and connect to ourselves and each other on an intimate and meaningful level
  • to immerse ourselves in the mystery of each day and the endless opportunities and possibilities that are presented in the space and stillness of each moment
  • where we can really see our own vision and purpose, beyond our personal journey
  • so that in turn, our own story can be used as a living practice and movement into consciousness and into a form that serves the collective community in the present, as one with peace, forgiveness and love

The intention of ‘Unchoreographed’ is to capture these moments through photography as a visual medium to inspire us all to remember the moment when we can not not dance.  To give this moment wholeheartedly in the sharing of our own story of what dance means to us. In turn, we can all bring the message of the dance forward, and inspire others to recognise that we can all dance…we just need to remember. If we can let go of dance having to look a certain way, to follow a certain sequence, to be perfect…whatever preconceived notion you have that has stopped you from dancing. Instead, to allow yourself to come back to how it feels to be able to move your body as your own expression, where there is no right or wrong, for the opportunity to experience your soul.