‘In order to be truthful, you must embrace your total being’ – Rumi

The labyrinth is a spiritual tool which relates to wholeness. The beautiful reality of the labyrinth is that there are no wrong turns. It leads us through all that lies within us. We move through that which needs to be acknowledged, accepted and surrendered to at the right time, with the feminine qualities of intuition, grace and creativity. It is a journey to our centre, our essence, to the love and light that lives within all of us, and then a journey back out into the world with that love and light. As we reach inwards to discover who we truly are, we can give outwards more from this place to. The only choice we need to make is whether to move into the labyrinth or not. It is the choice to let go of all that we thought we should be, and seeing and being all that we are, and can be. I believe that using the different modalities I offer, an opportunity is given to step into your own labyrinth.

As we move into the labyrinth, we can embrace the vulnerability, the rawness and the richness of being truly alive. It is an opportunity to be fully present in our bodies, embracing the body as an opportunity to be fully present on Earth. We bring forward our essence, revealing a greater understanding of ourselves, and in turn, others.

So often we are taught that it is inappropriate to experience our emotions. As a result, we suppress, numb or deny their existence. We want to experience only the perceived positive emotions, however we can not selectively suppress, numb or deny. If we do it with one, we relinquish our capacity to experience them all and the virtues that we can experience from each. As a result, we remain disconnected from ourselves and others. As we integrate and embody the full plethora of emotions, we remove the obstacles within and around us, opening us to have more compassion for the humanness in us all.



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